C O N S T A N C E  M. 

Constance M. is a photographic artist who specialises in social documentary imagery. Born in Blackpool in 1994, she is currently based in London working on a progression to the project El Mañana es Incierto. A series of images looking at the culture and continuing struggles of Guatemalan society. A project that began in January 2015, where Constance travelled to Central America in the infancy of the project, looking to develop a visual insight that would ignite discussion about ‘America’s Backyard’ (Central America).

She is a BA(Hons) Photography graduate from the London College of Communication, University ofthe Arts London (2016), Constance M. has a strong desire to communicate a clear message to the viewer that she is not just taking the photo. She immerses herself within the culture and the people photographed, which comes across within her interactive style of exhibitions, that presents a social identity relevant to the culture. Her previous projects include; Forgotten Dreams, a project that originally started in Miami and was continued in the UK. She has also been commissioned to work with make up artists on fashion portfolios with current models.

Constance M. is a confident speaker and hopes to lecture in the near future on social documentary issues and her projects. In the mean time she will continue to produce work of this nature.

For more information on Constance's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, proceed to get in touch.

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